Ever Wondered Why A Rolex Was So Expensive? Watch This…

On the off chance that you’ve ever asked why a Rolex was so costly you might need to watch this exhibition of a Rolex Submariner being dismantled, demonstrating the intricacies included in the time piece in flawless detail.The show is obviously performed by an expert watchmaker, who carefully dissects the watch with extraordinary expertise. Albeit back in the 50’s, they weren’t as costly.Ever Wondered Why A Rolex Was So Expensive11

A brief history in the video depiction states: “Initially uncovered to the general population in 1953, the Rolex Submariner was a jumping look for everybody. Speaking to both expert and leisure activity jumpers, the Submariner set the standard for the classification, its reasonableness and common sense unmatched. Rolex likewise created non-chronometer variants of the Submariner that were considerably more moderate, costing approximately two weeks’ pay at the time.”


WATCH:Ever Wondered Why A Rolex Was So Expensive? Watch This