This 120mph Mega Crash Test Will Shock You, This Is As Real As It Gets!

In this scene of Fifth Gear, they are taking their auto collision test to a larger amount. They endeavored to do the speediest auto collision test utilizing a Ford Focus. In this video, they will endeavor to pull the auto at 120 mph! The Ford Focus will be impelled to the divider by means of winch with 15,000 measure of torque which is really equal to 16 Bugati Veyron. The outcome was simply alarming. The auto was totally destroyed, leaving only the backside of the auto. The driver and the traveler have no possibility of getting by any stretch of the imagination. It might simply be an accident test yet envision how unnerving it would be in the event that it happens, all things considered?This 120mph Mega Crash Test Will Shock You, This Is As Real As It Gets
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